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Dr. J. Horn Name _______________________________ Page 1 of 7 ID# _________________________________ Psychology 165: Introduction to Clinical Psychology Midterm Examination #3 Spring 2008 First, PRINT your name and ID# on the first page of this exam and the last page. Then use your Scantron form to answer the Multiple Choice and True-False questions. You’ll answer the Essay question on the exam itself. Please remember to mark your name on the Scantron, and also mark “Form A.” If you have any questions about what to fill out where, please ask. Good luck. I. Multiple Choice: Mark your Scantron with the letter that corresponds to the correct answer. As a check, circle the correct answer on this exam. (1 point each) 1. One of the challenges in working with children is that: a. strategies used with adults can yield incomplete information when used with children b. children’s verbal and organizational skills are not fully developed, so information from them can be misinterpreted or distorted c. children haven’t come on their own to see a psychologist, so it’s more difficult to establish rapport with them d. a and b above e. b and c above 2. Dr. Barton is a clinical health psychologist who is interested in health protective behaviors. She would be MOST interested in which of the following questions? a. Why do people start smoking? b. What leads people to participate in cancer screening programs? c. How does the health care setting influence patient cooperation and adherence? d. What are the effects of cancer on mental health? e. What are the thought processes that lead people to engage in risky sexual behavior? 3. Which of the following are components of the biomedical model? a. physical processes b. psychological processes c. social processes d. a and b only e. all of the above are components 4. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of exercise?
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Dr. J. Horn Name _______________________________ Page 2 of 7 ID# _________________________________ e. all of the above are benefits of exercise 5. The “not guilty by reason of insanity” defense is effective more often when: 6. Which of the following is not one of the six “psycholegal” criteria relevant to evaluating an individual for an insanity plea?
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