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Psychology 162 (Summer, 2010) Adapted from Shaver, Fink, & Ko Written Exercise: Self-Analysis of Personality This exercise is meant to encourage you to think about your own personality in terms of several of the approaches we’ve considered during the summer. It’s natural when studying personality, indeed when studying psychology in general, to think about how the concepts and theories apply to you. In the case of personality, this is especially likely, because we understand most personality constructs in terms of our own experience. So here is your chance and your challenge: Think back across the course, considering as many of the chapters and approaches as seem relevant to analyzing yourself, and write a 4- to 5-page self-analysis. If possible, do this in a serious way, as if you were a psychologist or psychiatrist who has been given the professional job of trying to understand a particular person, you, as thoroughly as possible.
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