Pickett, Chen, _ Gardner, Chapter 2

Pickett, Chen, _ Gardner, Chapter 2 - Pickett Chen...

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Pickett, Chen, & Gardner (2010) 1 C HAPTER 2: D EVELOPMENT OF THE S ELF ‘I’m 3 years old and I live in a big house with my mother and father and my brother, Jason, and my sister, Lisa. I have blue eyes and a kitty that is orange and a television in my own room. I know all of my ABCs, listen: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, L, K, O, M, P, Q, X, Z. I can run real fast. I like pizza and I have a nice teacher at preschool. I can count up to 100, want to hear me? …’ (Harter, 1999, p. 37) ‘I have a lot of friends, in my neighborhood, at school, at my church. I’m good at schoolwork, I know my words, and letters, and my numbers. I can run fast, and I can climb high, a lot higher than I could when I was little and I can run faster, too. I can throw a ball real far, I’m going to be on some kind of team when I am older. I can do lots of stuff real good. Lots! If you are good at things you can’t be bad at things, at least not at the same time. …’ (Harter, 1999) ‘I’m in fourth grade this year, and I’m pretty popular, at least with the girls. That’s because I’m nice to people and helpful and can keep secrets. Mostly I am nice to my friends, although if I get in a bad mood I sometimes say something that can be a little mean. I try to control my temper, but when I don’t, I’m ashamed of myself. I’m usually happy when I’m with my friends, but I get sad if there is no one to do things with. At school, I’m feeling pretty smart in certain subjects like Language Arts and Social Studies. I got A’s in these subjects on my last report card and was really proud of myself. But I’m feeling pretty dumb in Math and Science, especially when I see how well a lot of the other kids are doing. …’ (Harter, 1999) ‘I’m a pretty conscientious person, particularly when it comes to things like doing my homework. It’s important to me because I plan to go to college next year. Eventually I want to go to law school, so developing good study habits and getting top grades are both essential. …Every now and then I get a little lackadaisical and don’t complete an assignment as thoroughly or thoughtfully as I could, particularly if our high school has a big football or basketball game that I want to go to with my friends. … I’ve also become more religious as I have gotten older, not that I am a saint or anything. Religion gives me a sense of purpose, in the large scheme of things, and it provides me with personal guidelines for the kind of adult I’d like to be. … As much as I enjoy my high school friends and activities, I’m looking forward to leaving home and going to college, where I can be more independent, although I’m a little ambivalent. I love my parents, and really want to stay connected to them, plus, what they think about me is still important to how I feel about myself as a person. So leaving home will be bittersweet. But sometimes it’s hard to be mature around them, particularly around my mom. I feel a lot more grown-up around my dad; he treats me more like
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Pickett, Chen, _ Gardner, Chapter 2 - Pickett Chen...

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