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Audience Analysis Paper Guidelines

Audience Analysis Paper Guidelines - Audience Analysis...

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Audience Analysis Paper Communications 351 Whisenant Description: The audience analysis paper is meant to be an efFcient analysis of a single media product--television program, magazine, news program, newspaper, radio station/ program, etc. It should involve initial research to try to discover statistical information about the media source as a baseline for your analysis. These can sometimes be found online and are common in advertising materials for the product (What are the characteristics of the average consumer, i.e., age, income, political inclinations, education, etc.). Such information may also be found more generically for that type of media product. When you have gathered the publication (you may have to speculate on some elements, but I expect you to at least try to Fnd the information) you should use this material, combined with your understanding of media literacy and audience impact on media, to analyze the audience of your media product. Structure:
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