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1 Solution Key -7.012 Recitation 11 - 2010 Questions: 1. You identify a hypothetical Gene R in humans that encodes for protein “R” which is involved in maintaining low blood cholesterol level. This gene shows an autosomal dominant mode of inheritance and the affected individuals are at a higher risk of developing a cardiac disorder (CD). You come across a SNP (Single nucleotide polymorphism) that is tightly linked to Gene R. You decide to use this SNP as a marker for CD. The two alleles of SNP (C and G) are shown for each individual in the following pedigree. Individuals affected by CD are shaded in black. a) Assuming no recombination between this SNP and Gene R, which allele of the SNP is linked to the disease associated R - allele in individual #1? It is the “G” allele. b) Assuming no recombination between this SNP and Gene R, what is the probability that the offspring
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Unformatted text preview: of individual #3 and individual #4 has the disease? This offspring has the C/C alleles for this SNP. Therefore he is obtaining the good allele “C” from #3 and another allele, also “C” from #4. Therefore this offspring will be normal and will not have the disease. 2. Describe what the image below is showing. C/G C/G G/C C/C G/C G/C G/C G/G G/C C/C C/C C/C G/C 1 2 3 4 C/C ? 2 It shows a microarray profile or a gene expression profile which is the measurement of the activity / expression of thousands of genes at once, to create a global picture of cellular function. These profiles can, for example, distinguish between cells that are actively dividing, or show how the cells react to a particular treatment. Many experiments of this type measure an entire genome, that is, every gene present in a particular cell....
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7.012_Section_11-_solution_key_-2010 - of individual#3 and...

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