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1 Solution key - 7.012 Recitation 13 - 2010 Questions: 1. Why do some people think that viruses are alive and some people don’t? They need the host cells to replicate otherwise they remain dormant. Therefore they are regarded as being at the borderline of living and non-living. 2. The following sequence is a short viral gene from a double-stranded DNA virus that actually encodes three different proteins. The sequence shown is from the transcription start site to the transcriptional end site. The upper strand of this gene is used as a template in transcription. 5’-TACTCTATCGCTTTAGCGGTATGCTATCAGAGCCATGCATGCATC-3’ 3’-ATGAGATAGCGAAATCGCCATACGATAGTCTCGGTACGTACGTAG-5’ i. How do you know that it is true that these three short proteins are not produced from alternative splicing of a single transcript? Alternative splicing does not occur in viruses. ii. How many amino acids long would each of the three proteins be that are produced from this gene? The peptides produced will be 5, 11 and 7 amino acids long using the 1st, 2
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7.012_Section_13-_solution_key_-_2010 - Solution key -...

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