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1 7.012 Recitation 14 - 2010 Questions: 1. Viruses can also cause cancer. One such example is the Rous sarcoma virus (RSV) that causes sarcoma, a cancer of connective tissues. The virus does so by inserting itself near the cellular c-Src gene, a non-receptor tyrosine kinase. i. How does RSV convert the c-src to its mutated form? Originally, the Avian leukosis virus inserted its genome into the normal cellular copy of the c-src proto- oncogene (a gene that encodes a protein that promotes cell division). With this insertion the normal c-src gene was mutated such that the kinase domain of the normal cellular src was expressed inappropriately. This mutated version of the src gene promoted the cell cycle in a unregulated way that lead to uncontrolled cell division. At some time later, the virus began a packaging step and in the process packaged the additional mutated part of the src gene. The new resulting virus was the RSV. All subsequent infection with RSV, deliver the oncogenic version of src to the host cells. ii. How does the conversion of c-src to its mutated form help the virus? Cells that express the oncogenic form of src proliferate in an uncontrolled fashion thereby producing more viruses. 2. Weinberg’s famous experiment: Ras was the first oncogene to be discovered.
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7.012_Section_14-_solution_key_-2010 - 7.012 Recitation 14...

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