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1 Solution key - 7.012 Section 16 - 2010 Questions 1. Classify the following as totipotent, pluripotent, bipotent, multipotent, unipotent or differentiated: Cells that can differentiate into many cell types. Pluripotent/multipotent A zygote that is about to start cleavage. Totipotent (it can form placenta also) Cells isolated from developing brain cortex that produce motor neurons or interneurons when provided with specific growth factors. Bipotent Human mesenchymal cells that form the hematopoetic, bone, cartilages, muscle and fat cell lineages. Multipotent/pluripotent Intestinal stem cells that replenish the differentiated intestinal crypt cells. Unipotent A neuron. differentiated b) Using intestinal cells, you do a pulse chase experiment by first putting the cells in a culture medium containing radioactive dTTP for a short time and then allowing them to grow and divide in medium containing a lot of non-radioactive dTTP. What is the rationale for performing this pulse chase experiment? This experiment would help us to determine (i) the rapid turnover of the labeled cells and (ii) their migration and the fate that they acquire. What is the relationship of the rapid turnover of a cell with cell division? As the cells divide there will be more incorporation of unlabeled thymidine in the DNA with every replication event and this will dilute the labeled thymidine. 2. A patient has a rare recessive genetic disorder due to the loss of a specific gene function. This
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7.012_Section_16-_solution_key_-2010 - Solution key 7.012...

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