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1 7.012 Solution key Section 18 - 2010 Questions 1. Viral infections can be treated using anti-viral drugs, or they can be prevented in the first place through the use of vaccines. Some vaccines are just injections of viral particles that have been inactivated in some way (such as extreme heat). Other vaccines are injections of a single viral protein that has been purified and produced using recombinant DNA techniques. How does a vaccine work? Vaccination is the process of injecting either a weakened form of a virus or a single viral protein into an individual. Since both the weakend virus and introduced viral protein are regarded as foreign particles by the host immune system, it results in cell mediated and /or humoral immune response and the production of memory B and T cells. If the individual encounters a viral infection later in life, these memory B and T cells can rapidly proliferate to produce more of their own kind and the antibody secreting plasma cells. This results in a rapid and strong secondary immune response that
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7.012_Section_18_-solution_key-2010 - 7.012 Solution key...

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