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film final - Matthew Psyllos Film and Media 54/Winter 2011...

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Matthew Psyllos Film and Media 54/Winter 2011 Kim McKeown 11 March, 2011 Final Essay “Whatever you are dreaming of, never give up. You will encounter tons of obstacles, but keep trying and you will make it somewhere” (Papazian). These words of wisdom from renowned television producer Robert Papazian may sound cliché, but they encompass the underlying message about Hollywood that I learned this quarter in Film and Media 54. Every guest that spoke in class made clear that the film and media industry is not an easy place to be successful. In fact, it is a rather challenging business according to our acclaimed guests, such as Billy DaMota and Paulo Andrés, but this seemed apparent even before I took the class. A less obvious, recurring theme amongst all of our speakers regarding the film industry is that virtually no one can start out at their dream job doing exactly what they want to do. They all preached that to have a successful career in Hollywood, one must work their way up in the business, starting wherever one can get a foot in the door. Another common theme, which ties to the previous one, is that in order to land an audition or get a promotion to move up in the business, one must have enough passion for his or her craft to be solely dedicated to their dream. Both of these points came across the strongest not only because they were repeated almost every week, but also because the guest speakers proved themselves as walking, talking testaments of these truisms through their insight and achievements. Therefore I am confident that the main message to take from Film 54 is that anyone can be successful in Hollywood if they have a strong work ethic and are truly passionate about film. In this essay, I will use guests Paris Barclay, Kevin E. West, Scott Frank, and Tom Freston to examine different facets of the industry and as evidence to support my thesis.
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As an aspiring film and/or television director, I am naturally drawn to the words of Paris Barclay as a starting point for support. The two-time Emmy award winning director and producer has been a leading influence in a slew of popular television productions over the past two decades, but his career began after college when he started out working on television advertisements. After that, Paris worked for several years with famous musicians like Janet Jackson, Bob Dylan, and LL Cool J, directing and producing a number of music videos to air on television. He then used his connections to start working on feature films and television series’ until eventually, Paris cemented his name as one of the top directors/producers in television with
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film final - Matthew Psyllos Film and Media 54/Winter 2011...

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