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Final Paper - We are three freshmen students at UCSB...

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We are three freshmen students at UCSB enrolled in Geography of Surfing that have dedicated our time over the past several weeks to researching and planning the ultimate surf trip. Our goals in planning this trip are to stay in an exotic surfing location for roughly a month, live relatively comfortably for the duration of the trip without paying too much, and make it back to America without getting killed or seriously hurt. As three individuals who have all tried our hands at surfing, we are inspired by this opportunity to expand our knowledge of the sport and we all enjoyed learning about how surfing effects different parts of the world. To start off our project, we researched three potential surf destinations that could provide us with a journey to far reaches of the globe. The coordinates for our first location of research are 54 ° 29’55.963”N , 168 ° 5’1.685”E which lies in a Russian village named Ostrov Mednyy. It is often called “Copper Island” and is one of two islands in the Komandorski Islands east of Russia. It supports a small population of Russians and Aleuts that supports itself on hunting whales and fishing. The people there speak Russian (, 2000). It doesn’t seem like a place we would want to visit because the surf is not very good. People in Russia surf the Black Sea, which is kind of similar to surf on the Great Lakes. The surf is peaky and has a short period rather than the typical lined-up groundswell you would find in the Atlantic or Pacific. The only hazard that has occurred in the area recently was a shipwreck. This was due to waves up to 6 m (True Knowledge, 2011). Overall, there is not much information about the surf in Russia, besides that it is extremely cold. It is a limited fetch area, but the fetch is longer than the Mediterranean, so there is something to surf. A trip to Russia does not seem like a worthy surfing trip, but would probably make for an interesting vacation. The second set of coordinates for research is 6 ° 11’34.995”N , 49 ° 3’34.961”E. These coordinates indicate a beach in Somalia. The beach is rather remote and is surrounded by desert. The closest city seems to be the capital city of Somalia, Muqdisho. Surfing conditions in the area appear to be very good in relation to the little amount of recognition it receives for its surf (, 2011). The reason for the lack of surfing is the political unrest in Somalia. There is currently much military turmoil in Somalia, and especially in Muqdisho. One of the more recent news stories known around the world involves Somali pirates who take freighters hostage off of the Somali coast (Wikipedia, 2008-2011). Muqdisho does not even have an official police force to curb the violence in the city, so the only means of security is private
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security forces. In conclusion, the surf in Somalia is relatively consistent year-round and can receive good-sized swells; however, a surf trip to the area is highly discouraged due to the very
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Final Paper - We are three freshmen students at UCSB...

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