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nochlin article - paintings to convey this idea about women...

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Matthew Psyllos Brianna Bricker ArtHi 1, Thurs 9:00 3/10/11 Nochlin Article Write-Up Linda Nochlin’s article titled “Women, Art, and Power” consists of more than just examining artwork and breaking down the elements that give them significance. Nochlin explores the iconography of various paintings and photographs in order to better understand the ideology involved in the artwork. She does this because the ideology serves to “veil the overt power relations obtaining in society at a particular moment in history by making them appear to be part of the natural, eternal order of things” (Nochlin, 2). With this in mind, Nochlin supports her argument by explaining how paintings depict women as subservient objects of male desire, incapable of obtaining physical or social power. This notion was universally understood in Western civilization as the natural order of the world for a long time, so the artists used the form and content of their
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Unformatted text preview: paintings to convey this idea about women as being naturalistic and beautiful. “The Muted Other,” by Natalie Boymel Kampen, is relevant to Nochlin’s article because Kampen writes about how the classification of art helps the viewer form in his/her mind the meaning of the work and the representation of society in a particular time period. Both authors mention that the portrayal of women in art changes over time, and that by the late 18 th century, artwork showed women as having the ability to be heroic and morally respected due to the rise in female achievements and a shift in philosophical thinking. The mentality changed from creating provocative art for the viewing pleasure of men, to focusing on the beauty of the female in art itself as a reflection of nature’s beauty....
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nochlin article - paintings to convey this idea about women...

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