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Matthew Psyllos Art History 1 Bricker Thurs 9:00 Garrard Article Response In 1991, Mary D. Garrard published an article called “Leonardo Da Vinci: Female Portraits, Female Nature” concerning Leonardo Da Vinci’s undeniable psychological connection with women through the examination of various paintings and sketches done by him. She states, as her main argument, that Leonardo was different than any other man of his time because he understood that women are intellectual, generative beings that are one half to a whole species. She uses as evidence Leonardo’s five surviving portraits of women and several of his sketches involving the female figure, nature, or reproduction. Garrard proves that Leonardo found parallelism between women and the Earth. She cites
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Unformatted text preview: “Leonardo’s preoccupation with the interconnected functions of microcosm and macrocosm” as reason to conclude that the artist believed “that the living earth is female, in its regenerative capability and its mysterious life-supporting powers” (Garrard, 180). Garrard’s argument adds insight to Leonardo’s inspiration for his work and serves to explain why he incorporates such elaborate natural landscapes and detailed scenery in his female portraits. Her argument holds that Leonardo painted women in a dignified way, unique from masculine norms in his society, and displayed the empowering effects of nature by incorporating it amongst these women....
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