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kampen art write up

kampen art write up - the women in them Some pit the...

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Matthew Psyllos Art History 1 Bricker Thurs 9:00 Response to The Muted Other Natalie Boymel Kampen writes in her article The Muted Other about the device of classicizing art and what it can do for the meaning of the work and its physical form. Specifically, Kampen focuses on gender to understand the effects of classicizing ancient Roman artwork from the Basilica Aemilia, Ara Pacis, and more. She explains how certain interpretations of artwork can alter the gender roles from their original intentions. All of the works that Kampen analyzes include members of both sexes illustrated in various lights. But Kampen points out that it is the mindset of the observer that truly shapes the roles of women because the works were done in a classical style that was practiced over a huge time period. In that time period, ideas of women changed and the paintings show this. The author describes how classicizing artwork influences the viewers to form certain assumptions about
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Unformatted text preview: the women in them. Some pit the “moral and physical superiority of male Self over the female Other” (Kampen, 1) while other views suggest a chance of moral and social reform for the Other. Kampen uses the Basilica Aemilia as evidence by comparing the Rape of the Sabine Women , in which women are idealized as objects of desire for Roman men, and a scene from the frieze in which Tarpeia is punished for acting out as an independent and motivated woman. The author further compares this structure to the Ara Pacis because the latter depicts women and family life in a positive light, one that focuses on fertility and morality. The classicizing form of both buildings communicates the intended meaning to their viewers. REFERENCES 1. Kampen, Natalie Boymel, “The Muted Other,” Art Journal , XLVII, 1988, 15-19...
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kampen art write up - the women in them Some pit the...

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