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Beethoven Lecture

Beethoven Lecture - Lecture10:Beethoven I Beethoven...

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Lecture 10: Beethoven I. Beethoven: Biography and the 3 Periods i. Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) Born in Bonn, Germany Transitional figure; bridges Classical and Romantic “Freelance composer—no permanent patron Fiercely independent and slightly anti-social – very difficult upbringing Some of his most important works include o 9 symphonies o 32 piano sonatas o 5 piano concertos o 1 opera 1. 3 Periods: characteristics Early period (1770-1802) o In the footsteps of Haydn and Mozart o Very “classical” Middle “Heroic” Period (1803-1814) o Bolder, more personal style o Theme of heroic struggle against adversity o Longer, weightier works Late Period (1815-1827) o More experimental music, unusual for time o More introspective and more personal II. Early Period The “Moonlight” Sonata Genre: Sonata o An instrumental work in several movements for either one instrument or small ensemble o Follows formal scheme of symphony AKA sonata no. 14
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