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Lecture 12: The Romantic Piano I. The Romantic Piano i. Piano in the Romantic Era The single most important instrument Public and private performances o o Liszt music = public Status symbol: found middle –class homes Composers earned a living via sheet-music sales Highly expressive: perfect for Romantic music! ii. Piano Miniatures Common single-movement genres: o Nocturne (a “night piece”) o Waltz (a “dance”) o Etude (a “study”) o Prelude o Impromptu o Intermezzo o Rhapsody Many of these genres were performed in salons II. Clara (Wiek) Schumann (1819-1896) i. Biography Famous pianist Married Robert Schumann Later concertized extensively “Close” friends with Johannes Brahms Wrote in most genres but known for her chamber works and piano pieces ii. C. Shumann’s Nocturne, op. 6 1835-36 From Music for an Evening Entertainment o Six short piano pieces Nocturne characteristics
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Lecture_12_Outline - Lecture12:TheRomanticPiano I The...

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