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MLC301 - Principles of Income Tax Law Trimester 1: 2009 Instructions for Candidates: 1. Candidates should attempt all 4 questions. Total marks 100. Question 1 is to be answered on the multiple choice answer sheet provided. Questions 2, 3 and 4 must be answered in the space provided for each specific question . Your Student ID and details must be entered on the cover sheet for each question. FAILURE TO DO THIS WILL MEAN THAT THE RESULT FOR THAT QUESTION WILL NOT BE INCLUDED IN YOUR FINAL GRADE 2. For all questions please note that: All written answers should be presented as complete sentences. ITAA 1997 should be applied where the ITAA 1936 legislation has been rewritten regardless of when the transaction took place. Where appropriate support your answer with legislative and case authority. All transactions are for the tax year 2008/2009 unless otherwise stated. If you need further information state precisely what it is and why it is required. Materials permitted: Students may take into this examination any materials (including a dictionary and calculator) provided it does not interfere with the comfort of other students. Materials NOT permitted: Personal computers of any description. STUDENT ID  SEAT NUMBER  EXAM LOCATION 
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