Ch 11 Controversial Issue

Ch 11 Controversial - Controversial Issue How Easy Is It to Be an Arbitrator Unlike mediation and conciliation arbitration leads to a binding

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Unformatted text preview: Controversial Issue How Easy Is It to Be an Arbitrator? Unlike mediation and conciliation, arbitration leads to a binding decision that in most cases will settle the issue permanently. As you can see, an arbitrator must take his or her role very seriously because his or her decision will have significant impact on people’s lives. An arbitrator does not necessarily pick a middle ground that will satisfy both sides. He or she will carefully consider the facts in the case and then make a ruling; often, such a ruling will grant to one side everything it could have hoped for. Note to Instructors: Help your students step into the kind of controversy that an arbitrator must deal with. Two sides of a dispute have been sketched below. Bring both sides to the attention of your students and have them decide which kind of directive would settle the impasse in the most fair and equitable manner. The situation could be transformed into a role play by having some students represent each of the sides in the issue and then leaving a student or group of students...
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