False - which ones to hire One of the purposes of...

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TRUE/FALSE QUIZ Indicate whether each of the following statements is true or false. Applications allow an organization to weed out those job seekers who are unacceptable for a particular job. Classroom training teaches workers by having them perform the tasks of the job. Compensation for a particular job is usually determined through a job evaluation. Union growth has slowed in recent years. Human resources managers are concerned with maximizing the satisfaction of employees and motivating them to meet organizational objectives productively. The Equal Pay Act prohibits discrimination in employment. Diversity characteristics can be divided into two groups: primary and secondary. Piece wages are an incentive system. Human resources management has increased in importance both because of the work of Maslow and others and the changing nature of the human resources themselves. Recruiting is the process of collecting information about applicants and using that information to decide
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Unformatted text preview: which ones to hire. One of the purposes of performance appraisal is providing a basis for determining how to compensate and reward employees. Bonuses are nonfinancial forms of compensation provided to employees. A job analysis is a formal, written description of the qualifications necessary for a specific job. The actual number of worker-days lost to strikes is less than the amount lost to the common cold. A resignation occurs when an organization fires an employee. Affirmative action has brought about equality among women and minorities in the work force. Headhunters are an internal source for recruiting new employees. Boycotts are a management tactic for resolving disputes. Organizations should try to minimize separations and transfers to reduce costs associated with recruiting and training new employees. Examples of benefits include insurance, vacation and sick pay, credit unions, and health programs....
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False - which ones to hire One of the purposes of...

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