Ch10 Skill-Building Quiz and Answers

Ch10 Skill-Building Quiz and Answers - lots of laughs,...

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SKILL-BUILDING QUIZ In the "Build Your Skills" exercise, you looked at how play can motivate. Many companies are trying to incorporate characteristics of play into their practices in an effort to improve employee satisfaction, morale, and productivity, and to reduce turnover. Examples include employee softball/volleyball/ basketball teams (sometimes competing in citywide leagues against other companies' teams), company picnics, hike and bike trails on company grounds for employees to use during lunch and breaks, casual dress days, talent shows, and more. With this in mind, choose the best answer for each of the following. Competitive sports events, whether pitting intercompany teams against each other or against other companies' teams, can help foster morale. Which of Maslow's needs do such competitions satisfy? physiological and security security and social social and esteem esteem and self-actualization security and esteem An intercompany talent show can provide
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Unformatted text preview: lots of laughs, bring previously hidden creative talent to light, and help put supervisors and subordinates on a temporarily equal footing. The applause and recognition talent show participants receive can also fulfill equity needs. fulfill security needs. be a maintenance factor. be a motivational factor. all of the above Characteristics of play include the opportunity to express yourself and to use your unique talents. Which of Maslow's needs do these satisfy? esteem and self-actualization social and esteem security and social physiological and security maintenance ANSWERS MATCHING QUIZ 1. d 2. a 3. c 4. e 5. b TRUE/FALSE QUIZ 1. T 5. F 9. T 13. F 17. F 2. F 6. F 10. F 14. T 18. T 3. T 7. T 11. F 15. T 19. F 4. F 8. T 12. F 16. T 20. T MULTIPLE-CHOICE QUIZ 1. b 4. e 7. e 10. d 13. e 2. b 5. c 8. d 11. a 14. d 3. a 6. c 9. a 12. b 15. c SKILL-BUILDING QUIZ 1. c 2. d 3. a...
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Ch10 Skill-Building Quiz and Answers - lots of laughs,...

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