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Ch11 Skill Building Quiz and Answers

Ch11 Skill Building Quiz and Answers - You are a white male...

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You are a white male manager mentoring a minority individual. Your mentee has made a blunder that has caused your boss to come down rather hard on you. As a result, you tell your mentee exactly what has happened and what you expect him or her to do the next time. avoid upsetting your mentee by taking the heat yourself but resolving to supervise him or her more carefully in the future. remove the mentee from situations in which he or she is likely to get into similar problems with upper management. The people in your organization are all under 30. You like this young image and feel it sells your product. You are justified in not hiring older people because they may not fit in. You may want to hire older people for inside work to create a balance in your staff. You should disregard these considerations and base your hiring solely on objective, job- related criteria, without respect to age. You find it hard to understand an employee whose accent is very different from yours. You have asked this person to repeat twice. What
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