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Exam 2 Answers

Exam 2 Answers - Kersten Zielinski PS 123 MW 11:30-12:50...

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Kersten Zielinski PS 123 MW 11:30-12:50 Take Home Exam 2 November 5, 2007 Take Home Exam 2 1b) Drawing upon the film “Vigilante Justice” , in a substantive paragraph explain to what extent you agree or disagree with the sentencing of either Bernard Goetz, or the father who killed his son’s alleged molester. I think that Bernard Goetz got off easy. To me, his so-called “self-defense” excuse just doesn’t fly. None of the black guys attacked him, and I have to agree with William Kuntsler in that the shooting seems racially motivated. Had it been a white man that asked Goetz for $5 he probably wouldn’t have reacted the same way. He could have acted more rationally if he felt threatened and just shot one of the men in the leg (the one that “provoked” him) and then if the other black men came after him then, and only then, would he be justified in shooting them. Also, none of the black men had a (visible) weapon of any kind, so there was no reason for shooting at them until he ran out of bullets. Not only that, but once your attacker is down, technically you’re supposed to stop shooting since the threat is over, not go “you look alright, here’s another.” It doesn’t matter if Goetz was mugged once before, he still shouldn’t have taken the law into his own hands. 1c) We watched the PBS Frontline documentary: Waco , regarding the events concerning the Branch Davidians. Drawing upon the film, in a substantive paragraph, discuss some bureaucratic problems the FBI had that made it difficult to negotiate with the Branch Davidians. One of the biggest problems that the FBI had that made it difficult to negotiate with the Branch Davidians was a lack of communication, which came off as a lack of respect for the other task force. The negotiators and the hostage-rescue team are obviously trained differently, and instead of trying to come up with the best possible way to get the hostages out of the compound, they each wanted to do their own thing. The negotiators wanted to try to get everyone (at least the children) out of there safely, while the HRT wanted to go in right away and forcibly get the hostages out, even after the hour-long ATF shoot-out. The negotiators decided to treat Koresh as if he was the Messiah to try to get some of the hostages out. The HRT doubted that the Davidians would come out peacefully, but the negotiators felt that they would anger Koresh and the situation would get worse. The HRT decided to shine a spotlight on the compound and blast some music in the middle of the night to get the
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Zielinski 2 Davidians to come out but never even informed the negotiators of what they were going to do. When Sage finally agreed to let the HRT take action, their plan was “too aggressive” for Janet Reno. So someone got the bright idea to lie to Reno and say that babies were being beaten (since she was a children’s advocate) in order to get her to approve their plan. When Reno finally approved it, the plan consisted of tons of tear gas. On the day of the attack, instead of postponing it due to the 31 mph
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Exam 2 Answers - Kersten Zielinski PS 123 MW 11:30-12:50...

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