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Exam 2 Questions - Political Science 123 Dr. Robert Lane...

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Political Science 123 2nd Assignment Dr. Robert Lane Fall, 2007 Your grade will be based upon the following criteria: •Meeting the November 5, 2007, 11:30 a.m. deadline. Only e-mail the paper to me if you cannot make it to class on that date. (Due to the inconvenience of having to print out your paper, I will deduct 4 pts. from your grade.) Do not send the paper as an attachment. Instead, simply place it directly into the e-mail itself. •Explicitly labeling each part of your paper. •Using specific illustrative examples to support your analysis and arguments. •Consistently following instructions. •Writing in complete sentences, coherent paragraphs, and in your own words. •Using proper grammar, mechanics, spelling, and syntax. •Not using the second person pronoun “you”. •Typing the assignment, using 1.5 spacing. THREE REMINDERS: 1. I am unavailable for assisting you on this paper after 11:30 a.m., November 4, 2007. * 2. “Substantive Paragraph” means that you need to write more than three sentences and clearly demonstrate that you put forth sufficient time, effort, and thought in answering the question. 3. “Drawing upon” a reading / article means you are expected to refer to something specific in the article, as well as refer to the author by name. Your answer needs to be engaged with and respond to the reading / article. If you include a direct quote from one of the texts, identify the page number in parenthesis following the quote. A direct quote should be used to enhance your discussion, not replace it. 1. [15 pts. / 5 pts. each] SELECT THREE of the following questions: [You need to clearly demonstrate that you attentively viewed the films shown in class by referring to something specific in the film.] a) Drawing upon the PBS Frontline documentary “The Jesus Factor” , explain to what extent you are comfortable/uncomfortable with the role that his Christian faith plays in his political career, policy decisions, and public speaking. b) Drawing upon the film “Vigilante Justice” , in a substantive paragraph explain to what extent you agree or disagree with the sentencing of either Bernard Goetz, or the father who killed his son’s alleged molester. c) We watched the PBS
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/04/2008 for the course PS 123 taught by Professor Lane during the Fall '07 term at Saginaw Valley.

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Exam 2 Questions - Political Science 123 Dr. Robert Lane...

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