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Page | Jeffery Bezos and Larry Ellison both have personality that set them apart from the rest of the leaders in the business world. That is why both men have been successful in their respectable business and their approach to run their business. They are both motivators in their own way. What works best to motivate is the key, and they both have different motivation style. They both have different personalities and that works for their business. Jeffery Bezos is the founder and CEO of Amazon.com, the $19 billion on-line retailer. He started the company in 1994 after leaving his vice president position at D.E Shaw, an investment firm specializing in quantitative analysis. The start-up began in the garage of his Seattle-based home and has expanded to become an international enterprise. Personality Characteristics: Jeff Bezos’ personality has been described with colorful adjectives such as: zany, friendly, and down-to-earth. He is said to have the type of personality that distinguishes himself from other CEOs. His relentless pursuit of innovation, change and customer-focus has commanded the attention of people in the fields of business, technology, and commerce alike. In terms of the “big five” personality traits, Bezos is regarded as highly agreeable. In a Harvard Business Review interview, Bezos was asked, “Is there anyone in the company who can say no to you?” His response was, “I’m actually thinking, who doesn’t. We have many strong executives, so not even just my direct report but beneath them. We have an informal atmosphere, which I think helps people tell me no—and not just me…” (Kirby & Stewart , 2007) This statement illustrates Bezos’ good nature and his ability to develop good working relationships with employees at any level. Bezos also ranks high in conscientiousness. His business ventures and goals are focused on the six core values of: customer obsession, ownership, bias for action, frugality, high hiring bar and innovation. (Academy of Achievement, 2001) Bezos has gained a reputation for his conscientious dedication to the expansion of
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Amazon.com. He has grown the business from being just an on-line book retailer to an international enterprise that sells goods of all kinds. He has gained celebrity-like status as a result of his meticulous drive to innovate. His latest creation is the new handheld electronic reading device, “Kindle”, allows users to read printed materials and e-books through an internal wireless internet connection. Having a low level of negative emotionality has also helped his business succeed. He is resilient in his ability to overcome losses. For instance, during the years
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3rd Assessment BUS 520 - Page | Jeffery Bezos and Larry...

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