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Neoliberalism in Chile & Air Polloution Of Mexico City Essay

Neoliberalism in Chile & Air Polloution Of Mexico City...

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Neoliberalism in Chile Children Health Problems due to Air Pollution in Mexico City Neoliberalism is a policy that involves the privatization of the government sectors to blend in with liberal politics for economic growth. It has affected many countries in different ways, some countries have benefited from it while countries like Chile have been devastated. Chile had an era of dictatorship controlled by individuals such as General Augusto Pinochet. On the other hand the new government which was led by President Salvador Allende. Pinochet's initiated plans to recover the economy by introducing public schools and regulating the health industry (Diaz). In the early 1970's the term "neoliberalism" was introduced to Chile as the leadership started to put into effect new policies with the help of political legislations (Diaz). One policy that comprised of a great idea even today was bringing more tax revenue to rebuild the economy. The primary reason for enforcing neoliberalism in Chile was to increase the revenue by privatizing state-owned enterprises and resources in order to implement free trade policies. This approach has many drawbacks that give rise to all sorts of crisis in Chile. The benefits of implementing neo-liberal policies are mainly short term whereas its long-term effects include increases in government sector unemployment and subsequent bankruptcies. The political instability in the country is mainly due to neo-liberal policies in operation (Looney). Therefore, the people of Chile consider neoliberalism as "Evil of all Evils" (Cypher). Conversely, Chile has also benefited from neoliberalization that helped it in containing and decreasing financial losses of under-performing business sectors. Chile benefited from the free market trade agreements which allowed it to do business with countries such as US and the member states of European Union (Looney). Nevertheless, market failures do tend to happen, therefore, the new Chilean government has to provide a political, social and in particular financial safety net to its people. Another way to look at this is when Chile was hit by economic depression in 1930 which was worst than any other nation in the world had faced. The leadership tried to resolve the country’s financial problems through other means as copper prices were on a downfall. The financial recovery came from fish industry and agriculture (timber industry) with an annual gross national income of US $6.7 billion proving them more profitable than the conventional copper industry with gross national income of US $6.3" billion (Cypher).
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There are many that face obstacles, situations and circumstances that prevent Chile from economic and social accomplishment. The truth about how success and social stability is attained
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Neoliberalism in Chile & Air Polloution Of Mexico City...

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