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Study Guide Chapter 2: Culture What is culture? Definitions from book and class. o Book: Culture is the knowledge, language, values, customs, and material objects that are passed from person to person and from one generation to the next in a human group or society. o Class: Lens through which to perceive and evaluate; way of being, way of thinking, values, material objects passed on from generation to generation. What is material culture with examples? o tangibles such as buildings, automobiles, housing, artefacts, art, money and others o material culture consists of the physical or tangible creations that members of a society make, use, and share. What is non-material culture with examples? o A component of culture that consists of the abstract or intangible human creations of society (such as attitudes, beliefs, and values) that influence people’s behavior o Norms, values, beliefs, behaviors, language, music What is the difference between ideal and real culture with examples? o Ideal culture refers to the values and standards of behavior that people in a society profess to hold o Real culture refers to the values and standards of behavior that people actually follow o Ex: we may claim to be law-abiding (ideal cultural value) but smoke marijuana (real cultural value), or we may regularly drive over the speed limit but think of ourselves as
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Sociology_10_STUDY_GUIDE_Chapter_2_NEON - Study Guide...

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