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Chapter 3 STUDY GUIDE: Socialization SPRING 2011 1. What is socialization? What are the two parts to the definition of socialization? a. Socialization: Learning society’s ways/forming the self-concept b. Socialization is the lifelong process of social interaction through which individuals acquire a self-identity and the physical, mental, and social skills needed for survival in society. c. Two parts: i. The process whereby people learn the attitudes, values, expectations, and behaviors appropriate for members of a culture—ENCULTURATION ii. The process of learning our gender, ethnic, and class attitudes, expectations, and behavior—SELF-CONCEPT FORMATION 2. What are the three functions of socialization? a. Teaches us ways to think, talk, and act that are necessary for social living b. Allows society to pass culture on to the next generation c. Members of society must be socialized to support the existing social structure 3. What is self or self-concept? a.
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Sociology_10_STUDY_GUIDE_Chapter_3_NEON - Chapter 3 STUDY...

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