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EPL 259 Final Exam Mind-Map - Effective note taking(being...

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Tell yourself Keep track Use Feedback Visualize it Just Ask Search The Environment Plan Think positive Take Responsibility Bite-size pieaces Go-for-goal Take Reasonable Risk Strategies for Achievement Effective Time Management The Procrastination Cycle True Reasons Rationalizations Procrastination Just do it! Pick the right models Seek af±rmation Regulate emotional level Four techniques to build self-con±dence Changing thoughts Self-ful±lling prophecy Learned helplessness (the non-success syndrome) Believing in yourself Think, Feel, Act Self Con±dence Adopting a strategy to achieve success Letting go (negative attitudes) Change and control Effort and Strategy The victim wheel Optimists vs. Pessimists Avoiding responsibility Controllability Changeability External causes Internal causes Causal explanations Taking Responsibility Reasoning Re²ection Recap Asking questions Graphics Shorthands Avoid data approach Creating the space
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Unformatted text preview: Effective note taking (being curious) Active Listening Ten techniques for managing your life Our own mental world Resilience Clear paragraphs = good communication Evidence (speci±c, relevant, accurate) Research and Plagiarism Thesis statement and Super Recap questions Questions and CC Charts to organize papers Con±dence The argument approach Critical Thinking for Speeches and Papers Dealing with anxiety Study groups techniques Understand your instructor Mind Sketches Given/Find Cause/Effect Time-line Analysis For/Against Skeleton Keys Predicting questions CC Web Charts Mnemonics Combining words and graphics Q & A outline to keep track and optimize focus Test Preparedness Types of textbooks (purpose) Super recap questions Q & A Outline (summarizing) Scan and Question Active reading Learning and Motivation Strategies...
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