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Todd Wheeler Chapter 3 - medium rang e photographs should...

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Todd Wheeler Chapter 3 1. One objective of crime scene photography is to record the condition of the crime scene before alterations occur. 2. An advantage of photography over sketches is that photographs closely approximate the way the investigators view the scene. 3. Photography is not a substitute for notes or sketche s but supplements these modes of documentation. 4. It is a good policy to take too many photographs rather than too few because the investigator cannot go back to the scene at a later date to photograph the scene in its original condition. 5. The best choice for crime scene photography is the SLR camera. 6. Color print film is the film of choice for most crime scene photography. 7. A photo log should be kept of all photographs taken at a crime scene. 8. The first series of photographs to be taken at a crime scene are referred to as overview or layout photographs. 9. After completion of the photographs taken in item 8,
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Unformatted text preview: medium rang e photographs should be taken of smaller areas at the crime scene. 10. Close- up photographs that require accurate documentation of their size should be taken both with and without a measurement scale in place. 11. Photography should be taken to illustrate the point of view of principles and witnesses when applicable. 12. When feasible, it is better to wait until daylight to photograph the scene of a crime that occurs at night. 13. It is a good practice to photograph prior to attempting to lift the developed latent with fingerprint tape. 14. Wounds should be photographed with the camera plane parallel to the plane of the wound. 15. Crime scene photography should be an orderly and a systematic process. 16. Before the investigator departs the scene, the photograph log should be reviewed for completeness....
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