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Todd Wheeler Chapter 8 1. Treat all firearms as if they were loaded . 2. A modern bulleted cartridge consists of the cartridge case , the primer , the propellant , and the projectile . 3. Most centerfire rifle cartridges have a bottleneck shape. 4. The class characteristics of a fired bullet consist of the caliber, the number of lands and grooves, and the direction of twist of the rifling. 5. The lands and grooves on a fired bullet are an exact impression of the barrel interior. 6. Examination of the firearm that fired an evidence bullet is one of the functions of the laboratory examiner. 7. On the basis of class characteristics present on a fired bullet, the laboratory examiner may be able to provide a list of possible weapons that may have fired the bullet. 8. Muzzle-to-target distance determinations may be helpful in the reconstruction of a shooting scene. 9. Gunshot residue on the hands of a suspect may indicate that the suspect recently fired a weapon. 10. Prior to unloading a revolver, a
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