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Todd Wheeler Chapter 10 - eyewear gloves protective...

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Todd Wheeler Chapter 10 1. Drug evidence consists of controlled substances and the chemicals and equipment used in the illegal manufacture of drugs. 2. Drugs are classified into DEA schedules or by their psychological actions. 3. Heroin is an example of a schedule 1 drug. 4. Schedule III drugs have a currently accepted medical use. 5. Needles and other sharp objects should be packaged in puncture proof containers. 6. Field testing for drugs constitutes a presumptive test only. 7. It is essential to wear
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Unformatted text preview: eyewear , gloves , protective clothing when using drug field-testing kits or reagents. 8. Clandestine laboratories should be processed by clandestine laboratory teams. 9. The acronym DUI means Driving Under the Influence . 10. Blood samples for alcohol analysis should not be stored in the trunk . 11. Urine specimens for alcohol analysis must be taken at least 20 minutes after the bladder is first voided . 12. An overdose of alcohol can lead to death ....
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  • Illegal drug trade, Controlled Substances Act, Todd Wheeler, Todd Wheeler Chapter, clandestine laboratory teams, puncture proof containers

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