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Todd Wheeler Chapter 11 1. One of the major functions of the questioned document examiner is to identify the individual who executed a questioned signature. 2. The difference in the characteristics of an individual’s handwriting as compared with that of another individual’s are called individual characteristics. 3. Document examiners are often asked to identify the make and the model of the typewriter used to type a document. 4. Document examiners often determine the presence of alterations, erasures , and obliterations in a document. 5. Indented writings occur when a sheet of paper is underlying the sheet upon which a writing occurs. 6. Document examiners may determine the composition of the ink on a questioned document for direct comparison with that of a known ink. 7. Document examiners may compare the edges of torn papers “
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Unformatted text preview: jigsaw puzzle ” style with the edges of other pieces of paper suspected of being part of the same document. 8. The investigator should not fold , cut , or tear a questioned document. 9. The investigator should not mark or write on a questioned document. 10. Latent print processing of a questioned document should be done preceding examination by the document examiner. 11. Latent prints will last for a very long time on questioned documents. 12. Latent fingerprints on documents are developed via chemical means. 13. Latent fingerprints on a document can be protected by wearing gloves . 14. Charred documents should be packaged in a cardboard box with cushioning material. 15. Exemplar writings may be sample writings or writings executed during the course of everyday business ....
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