MyGfL A Lifelong Learning Platform for Malaysian Society

MyGfL A Lifelong Learning Platform for Malaysian Society -...

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ISSN 1479-4403 7 ©Academic Conferences Ltd Reference this paper as: Arabee Z and Mansur A (2006) “MyGfL: A Lifelong Learning Platform for Malaysian Society” The Electronic Journal of e- Learning Volume 4 Issue 1, pp 7 - 14, available online at MyGfL: A Lifelong Learning Platform for Malaysian Society Zailan Arabee Abdul Salam and Azmi Mansur MIMOS Berhad, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [email protected] [email protected] Abstract: MyGfL which stands for Malaysian Grid for Learning is a One-Stop-Center for quality assured online learning content, tools and services with the aim to promote and support the lifelong learning agenda in Malaysia. It is a platform that enables anyone to learn, unlearn and relearn from anywhere at anytime through any web browser so as to accelerate the growth of K-Society. The main objectives of MyGfL are to enhance discoverability of e-learning content from heterogeneous sources through the use of metadata, to develop e-learning standards to ensure conformance and adoption of best practices in e-learning content and systems, to provide e-Learning systems and tools to enable and support e-Learning activities and processes for the purpose of lifelong learning, and also to encourage the sharing and development of local/indigenous content. Pilot programs have been conducted at different levels of the Malaysian society where processes and factors involved in implementing e-learning to the community and observations of societal acceptance of e-learning were noted. Utilization of MyGfL by the pilot groups has furnished vital information regarding acceptance/perception of use, current standards of computer literacy and skills. This case study will depict the impact of MyGfL with regards to its objectives and public perception towards MyGfL as a platform for lifelong learning. Keywords: e-Learning, Lifelong Learning, Malaysian Grid for Learning, MyGfL, Learning Content. 1. Introduction In line with Malaysia’s Vision 2020, the Third Outline Perspective Plan (OPP3) has set a target to develop Malaysia into a knowledge-based economy, where the generation and the utilization of knowledge will contribute to a significant part in economic growth and wealth creation. One of the characteristics of a knowledge-based economy country is highly educated labor force. (EPU, 2001) A highly educated and better-informed labor force will create new values, ideas, skills, and knowledge that will enable Malaysia to remain competitive in the global arena. In order to achieve the goal, the National Information Technology Council (NITC) has launched the Strategic Thrusts Agenda with five strategic thrust areas. One of the areas is e-Learning with the focus on cultivating a lifelong learning culture amongst Malaysian citizens through the use of ICT. Under the e-Learning strategic thrust, NITC
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MyGfL A Lifelong Learning Platform for Malaysian Society -...

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