Week 3 Checkpoint Bill of Rights

Week 3 Checkpoint Bill of Rights - amendment was enacted at...

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Running head: WEEK 3 CHECKPOINT: BILL OF RIGHTS 1 Week 3 Checkpoint: Bill of Rights April Arnold University of Phoenix American National Government POS 110 John F Day II, Esq June 30, 2010
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Week 3 Checkpoint: Bill of Rights The most important amendment is the first amendment, which gives all American’s the freedom of religion, speech, assembly and petition. This amendment ensures that we can make our own choices in life as long as we are not breaking any civil laws in doing so. We can say things like “I hate the president” without fear of death or imprisonment. We can choose any religion we want or no religion at all. If we do not agree with something we can assemble to show our support for change, many amendments have been added on the freedom to assemble and petition for change. Just these few freedoms define this nation mare than any other. The least important amendment is amendment three, the quartering of soldiers. This
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Unformatted text preview: amendment was enacted at a time when we were at war in our homeland. It has been a long time since there has been a need for American soldiers to be sheltered. Since the writing of this bill the American military has evolved to no longer need shelter from the common people. We can now erect temporary shelters when necessary, that is if we were to have another war on American soil. Amendment six would be extremely important to me if I were suddenly arrested for a crime which I did not commit. This amendment entitles the accused to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury, and also states that the accused will have the chance to be confronted with the witnesses against him. But the most important part is that even if the accused cannot afford a lawyer, that person is still entitled to legal representation....
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Week 3 Checkpoint Bill of Rights - amendment was enacted at...

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