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Week 3 CheckPoint Equality in America

Week 3 CheckPoint Equality in America - A person who works...

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Running head: WEEK 3 CHECKPOINT: EQUALITY IN AMERICA 1 Week 3 CheckPoint: Equality in America April Arnold University of Phoenix American National Government POS 110 John F. Day II, Esq. July 01, 2010
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Week 3 CheckPoint: Equality in America Equality in America has had a long journey. When the words “all men are created equal” were written they were just empty words. Since that time as Americans struggle for equal rights we use those words as the fighting mantra. But are we truly equal? When women were fighting for equal rights one of the main requests was “equal pay for equal work.” That means that they would receive the same pay scale for the same job. But who is to say that the pay is equal to the job done. A person who cleans an office is no less important than the people working in that office, so why do they receive less compensation for their work?
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Unformatted text preview: A person who works in the hot sun constructing a building obviously works harder than a stock broker, so why do they not have the opportunity to make millions? I dream of a Utopian society where everyone contributes an equal share and is completely equal. In America it is also a belief that everyone, at birth, has the same opportunities to succeed in life. That statement is not true. A person who grows up in an economically challenged neighborhood does not get the same quality of education as a person who lives in a better school district, or someone whose parents can afford to send them to college. We have come a long way towards equality, but until we are all of equal classes we will never truly have equal opportunity....
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