Week 7 Assignment Bureaucracy and You

Week 7 Assignment Bureaucracy and You - Running head WEEK 7...

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Running head: WEEK 7 ASSIGNMENT: BUREAUCRACY AND YOU 1 Week 7 Assignment: Bureaucracy and You April Arnold University of Phoenix American National Government POS 110 John F. Day August 01, 2010
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Week 7 Assignment: Bureaucracy and You The daily journal assignment proves that even if a person does not leave the house federal and state bureaucracies play a big part in the average American’s life. Everything from eating food to mailing a letter has a bureaucracy behind the act. The Food and Drug Administration has a lot of responsibility. They regulate everything from our food and medical instruments to tobacco. Because of this they often make mistakes but most of the time they serve their purpose. The FDA began around 1848 with Lewis Caleb Beck was chosen to do chemical analyses of agricultural products. But the modern responsibilities truly began with the passage of the Pure Food and Drugs act in 1906. Since that time many changes in the process have occurred, most of these changes are due to our advancement in understanding how certain chemicals, such as M.S.G can negatively affect health. As we learn, we grow and change. The main goals of the FDA when it comes to food is to insure that the food is safe, sanitary wholesome, and labeled honestly. In order to achieve this goal they employ the services of The Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition or the CFSNA. Before the food reaches supermarkets it has to meet the guideline set forth by the FDA. For each type of food product like produce and eggs there is an action plan, or a strict list of criteria that has to be met to be approved for the market. The FDA not only inspects the manufacturing facility they also regulate the transportation methods. FDA inspects food facilities routinely, often in partnership with state regulatory agencies. The frequency is based on the type of facility, the type of food processed or
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Week 7 Assignment Bureaucracy and You - Running head WEEK 7...

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