Week 7 CheckPoint bureautic reform

Week 7 CheckPoint bureautic reform - There are many...

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Running head: WEEK 7 CHECKPOINT 1 Week 7 CheckPoint: Bureaucratic Reform April Arnold University of Phoenix American National Government POS 110 John F. Day July 28, 2010
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Week 7 CheckPoint: Bureaucratic Reform A lot of people say that “red tape” prevents anything from getting done, not only within the bureaucracy but also by the American people. But, in actuality, the “red tape” is necessary to get things done. “Red tape” refers to the process or paperwork that must be done for everything, from something as simple as registering a car to making sure our food is safe to eat. Congress is only partially responsible for the “red tape”, they decide what needs to be done and then give a brief outline as to how it must be done, and the bureaucracy is responsible for some of the processes as well. It is the only way to make sure that things run smoothly.
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Unformatted text preview: There are many benefits of the federal bureaucracy, for one, they provide many jobs in America which is valuable to our economy. They also do the jobs that no one else will do or that no one else can do. Like the motor vehicles department or the trash service. The FDA and USDA are also parts of bureaucracy that no one even realizes how valuable the service is. If we were to travel to another country without these regulations, such as Tijuana, Mexico we would gain a better appreciation for this service. Another benefit is that we know who to blame when something goes wrong. There are very few drawbacks. The largest one is the level of customer service, in an office of bureaucrats they do not care that you are having a bad day; if you do not have the proper forms or information they cannot and will not help you....
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Week 7 CheckPoint bureautic reform - There are many...

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