20101231 EQUIANO-question-LOWER-division

20101231 EQUIANO-question-LOWER-division - Olaudah Equiano...

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Olaudah Equiano: Escaping Slavery in the Atlantic World Text Equiano, Olaudah. The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African. London, 1789. For the location of the text online and the chapters you need to read, see the syllabus (Blackboard > Syllabus tab). For a map of Equiano’s travels see http://www.brycchancarey.com/equiano/equimap2.jpg A backup of the text, without illustrations, and the map is on Blackboard. Essay Question What factors enabled Equiano to escape slavery? In answering the above, address the following as well: Was he able to fully escape slavery? Was he passive and helpless in this process, or was he an active agent in control of his own destiny? Did enslavement create situations that influenced his personality? In what ways did blacks and whites relate to each other? Did he have any influence over whites? You will be discussing other topics to answer the essay question. Do not write a summary of his life
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20101231 EQUIANO-question-LOWER-division - Olaudah Equiano...

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