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20110106 Guidelines for Discussion Sections

20110106 Guidelines for Discussion Sections - Guidelines...

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Guidelines for Discussion Sections Goals of Discussion Sections 1. Improve your knowledge of the readings’ content. 2. Deepen your understanding of the readings and use them to further your understanding of the past . Hearing others’ ideas and views, focusing on the text, and developing your own to share are key. 3. Improve your oral communication and public speaking skills. 4. Improve your writing ability through at-home essays and in-class mini-essays. How to Get Full Credit for Discussion Sections I. Do the Reading In order to pass the mini-essay be able to get participation credit , and pass the part of the midterm and final that is on the readings You need to do the reading decently well. (If you do so far in advance, take notes from memory then review them just before class.) Tips Focus on the main topics and examples in the text. Leave aside other facts or references that you do not understand. You may be able to read faster if you note the time and number of minutes passed when you turn a page, and if you do not slow your reading down by using a highlighter. Get to class early if possible so delays do not lead you to miss the mini-essay. Look for topics and examples that interest you and deepen your knowledge of the past help us understand the text enable you to participate in discussion relate to lecture relate to any written-at-home essay if there is one on the text.
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