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20110107 ESSAY Guidelines--READY

20110107 ESSAY Guidelines--READY - Guidelines for Essays...

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Guidelines for Essays Written Outside of Class The Gut Basics Get it done on time . Everything else is secondary although I expect your best work Read the question and any instructions carefully. Make sure you answer the question. Do not draw on outside material unless the question asks you to or if desperately needed. Structure of Your Writing Start with an introductory paragraph that includes a brief, general statement of you thesis or answer to the essay question, the sources, and the topics you will cover. Do not summarize the text. Instead, organize your essay around topics . Write about one topic at a time, in one or more paragraphs. Do a few topics in depth rather than many lightly unless the question says differently. Every topic should ideally draw on many different parts of the text. End with a concluding paragraph that briefly brings together your most important points and, when possible, takes them to a higher level.
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