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[This is a slightly edited and annotated version of http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/mod/1835ure.html ] Modern History SourceBook Andrew Ure: The Philosophy of the Manufacturers (1835) From Andrew Ure, The Philosophy of Manufactures (London: Chas. Knight 1835), pp 5-8, 14-15, 20-21, 23, 29-31. Andrew Ure (1778-1857), a professor at the University of Glasgow, was an enthusiast for the new manufacturing system. Here he represents the views of the manufacturers whose wealth derived from ownership of factories. This island [England and Scotland] is pre-eminent among civilized nations for the prodigious development of its factory wealth, and has been therefore long viewed with a jealous admiration by foreign powers. This very pre-eminence, however, has been contemplated in a very different light by many influential members of our own community, and has been even denounced by them as the certain origin of innumerable evils to the people, and of revolutionary convulsions to the state. If the affairs of the kingdom be wisely administered, I believe such allegations and fears will prove to be groundless, and to proceed more from the envy of one ancient and powerful order of the commonwealth, towards another suddenly grown into political importance, than from the nature of things. ... The blessings which physio-mechanical science has bestowed on society, and the means it has still in store for ameliorating the lot of mankind, have been too little dwelt upon; while, on the other hand, it has been accused of lending itself to the rich capitalists as an instrument for harassing the poor, and of exacting from the operative [that is to say, the worker] an accelerated rate of work. It has been said, for example, that the steam-engine now drives the power-looms with such velocity as to urge on their attendant weavers at the same rapid pace; but that the hand-weaver [who does not workin a factory], not being subjected to this restless agent, can throw his shuttle and move his treddles at his convenience. There is, however, this
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Ure_manufacturers - [This is a slightly edited and...

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