Workplace Continuity and Contingency Planning Week 2 Homework

Workplace Continuity and Contingency Planning Week 2 Homework

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Running head: WORKPLACE CONTINUITY AND CONTINGENCY PLANNING WEEK 1 Workplace Continuity and Contingency Planning Week 2 Homework Sheryl MacKay Everest University Online Workplace Continuity and Contingency Planning MAN 3554-1M Craig Sandusky March 12, 2011
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Workplace Continuity and Contingency Planning Week 2 Homework Here in New Jersey, we have a lot of things that can cause us to initiate an emergency response plan for my home. They can be either man made or a natural disaster. My home is located about 15 miles north of a nuclear power plant. This power plant can be put into an emergency alert from human error or natural disasters. In 1995, we had a forest fire that put the power plant on emergency alert, which caused them to commence an emergency shut down of the nuclear reactor. Depending on which way the wind blows, it would be difficult to plan an escape route in windy conditions. We also have hurricanes, occasional tornadoes and earthquakes. If you live in a
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Unformatted text preview: coastal town, you may need to know which roads are prone to flooding. This can be a matter of life or death if you live on a barrier island. Here in New Jersey, there is Long Beach Island. This place is a barrier island, with only one evacuation route to move inland from the coast. If during a hurricane or a coastal storm, you have to be very alert for flooding. The main road is prone to flooding from a run of the mill thunder storm. If a major storm comes within 100 miles of the coast can be deadly. The storm drainage system empties into a tidal waterway. If the tide rises up into the storm drains, and you have a storm of greater than 73 mph with rain it will close off the only way off the barrier island. In the event of a forest fire you need at least 100 feet around your home. Some people have dug wells on their property. These people are also hooked up to city water. They use the well water to protect their property and sometimes their lives....
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Workplace Continuity and Contingency Planning Week 2 Homework

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