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Basic Critical Thinking Week 4 Homework 2

Basic Critical Thinking Week 4 Homework 2 - someone it’s...

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Basic Critical Thinking 1 Running head: BASIC CRITICAL THINKING WEEK 4 HOMEWORK 2 Basic Critical Thinking Week 4 Homework 2 Sheryl MacKay Everest College Online Basic Critical Thinking  SLS 1505-1003 Catherine Reynolds November 06, 2010
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Basic Critical Thinking Week 4 Homework 2 We have a moral obligation to help the less fortunate. Even though you ask people it is split. But as religion has taught us, if you help the less fortunate you will be blessed by god. Some people are just selfish and choose not to help the less fortunate. If someone told you a secret, depending on what the secret is it may be the best thing you can do for that person is to tell the secret to someone responsible. To spread rumors to benefit yourself or to hurt others is not a reason to tell a secret, but if the health or wellness of someone is in danger then you have no choice but to tell
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Unformatted text preview: someone, it’s more like a moral obligation. But if it is a petty secret then it is okay to keep it to yourself. In certain and honest situations I think there is nothing wrong with the word ‘manipulate’. It has gotten a bad rap like the word ‘exploits’. Neither word is bad in of itself. Intentions are what matters. But we have come to take them at their worst meanings instead of their best. We all manipulate our environment and the people within. It’s alright for the police to manipulate crowds in order to guarantee the safety of the whole. The problem comes when the intention is to profit at the misfortune of others. For example: it is not alright for a televangelist to instill fear in order to pad his or her wallet. As humans it is not our job to decide what a person can or can not handle....
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