Basic Critical Thinking Week 5 Homework

Basic Critical Thinking Week 5 Homework - everyone’s...

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Basic Critical Thinking 1 Running head: BASIC CRITICAL THINKING WEEK 5 HOMEWORK Basic Critical Thinking Week 5 Homework Sheryl MacKay Everest College Online Basic Critical Thinking SLS 1505-1003 Catherine Reynolds November 13, 2010
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Basic Critical Thinking Week 5 Homework I am an American, and so are many others, though I do not think it is good practice to try and judge other people’s identities and whether they are real Americans or not. I grew up going to an American school, and so the main influence in my life has been the American point of view. If not American, what else am I supposed to be? I agree with the general principles upon which the United States is founded, and a lot of those which it still upholds today. I was born and raised in the United States, and so were my parents, but I couldn’t tell you what makes someone Dutch, English, Spanish, French, Russian, Mexican, or Puerto Rican, other than the fact that I am clearly not any of those. I think
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Unformatted text preview: everyone’s national identity develops differently. In any case, I do not think being born on American ground or having “America blood” is what makes you American. Americans are made not born. It is very easy in a place like China to unite because most of them are Han Chinese. But, say you wanted to unite Germany well what would eventually happen is a split between strong Germans and everyone else, which will probably lead to the strong German ethnic cleansing the weaker within the country. My concept of what it means to be American since reading the article in the text book has not changed. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is my opinion. I am very stubborn and set in my way of life, which is how I was raised and it is what I am accustomed to and nothing or no one will change that about me. If people don’t like me for who or what I am then that is their problem, I am not going to change who or what I am just to please others....
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Basic Critical Thinking Week 5 Homework - everyone’s...

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