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ritual observation - Anthropology 121 Ritual Observation...

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Anthropology 121 Ritual Observation Project Introduction This project has three purposes: (1) to expose you to a religion other than your own, (2) to have you apply anthropological principles learned in class to a specific situation, and (3) to have you experience anthropological fieldwork. Choosing a Religion for Study Your first task will be to choose a religion. Because we live in a large metropolitan area, we are surrounded by a great diversity of religious practices. This makes this project possible and exciting. Some questions you may ask in selecting a religion to study are: Do you know someone who could be an informant? Do you know the location of a specific church/temple/etc.? Will the ceremony be at least primarily in English? An answer of “no” to any of these questions does not mean you cannot study that religion; it just means it may be a bit more difficult. If you have no idea what religion you would like to study, consider looking at The Encyclopedia of American Religions. Possibilities include Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, Pentecostal, Baptist, Adventists (including Jehovah's Witness), Fundamentalist, Mormon, Coptic, Greek or Russian Orthodox, Unitarian, Christian Science, Jewish, Muslim, Baha'i, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, New Age, Pagan, or Wicca. Note that with certain religions you will need to make a further choice between different subgroups (e.g., Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and Reconstruction Judaism). The paper is
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ritual observation - Anthropology 121 Ritual Observation...

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