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1 Jose Herrera James Langston III English 2342 December 11, 2010 A new life is not always a better life Sandra Cisneros’ short story the Woman Hollering Creek, tells a story about a young girl Cleofilas who grows up dreaming of romantic love as in the novellas; yet when she marries Juan her life takes a shocking reality full of violence and solitude which makes her yearn for what she left behind. In life there are unexpected hardships that have to be experienced to learn to appreciate certain parts of one’s life which seem a dull routine. As she embarks on a new journey which is marriage; she is shocked by a woman’s cultural and social differences in the United States or she calls it “el otro lado” (Cisneros 44). Cleofilas was faced with machismo instead of a fairy tale love. She lost herself and her dreams but in the end managed to overcome and created new dreams. Her character was shown a new way to look at life, without men, with independence, but above all with a free kinder spirit. Mexico has stereotyped the woman’s role over the years as a submissive one under the rule of the machista husband. In the U.S. sometimes immigrants bring their way of thinking and continue to oppress and submit women under their foot. Today, more and more women are achieving and learning to live a different life, in which freedom and independence, and self suspect thrives. Growing up Cleofilas did not have many options for distraction in her town Monclova, Coahuila. Distractions included playing cards with family, walking to the cinema, go out for a milk shake, and go over to a girl friend’s house to watch a telenovela. All she had ever anticipated was passion of one true love. “But what Cleofilas has been waiting for, has been whispering and giggling for, has been anticipated since she was old enough to lean against the
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2 window displays of gauze and butterflies and lace, is passion”. (Cisneros 44) The kind of pure transparent and “purest crystalline essence” (Cisneros) love of telenovelas. The life she had
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Herrera#3 - 1 Jose Herrera James Langston III English 2342...

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