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short story - An unprepared Death Near a lightless...

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An unprepared Death Near a lightless streetlight, there exists several dead bodies near the street. The dead are prevailing in this city, while amongst the few living bodies, huger prevails. Here at West 42 nd Street sits an 84-year-old woman inside a dilapidated house begging for someone to come and get her out of the house. Her name is Clara, and wears few clothes for what is left of her. Torn and haggard from the effects of the great disaster, she cries out from her house. There was no one there to help her. Little by little her energy dwindles, until she had nothing left. Her arm has now been transformed from a muscular one into a weak one. How could a person like this survive, with meager rations of food or water? Inside her eye, white filaments of pus starts to come out, proclaiming that she can suffer this ordeal of desperation and starvation no longer. In the foul streets of Harperville, the streets smelled as if thousands of tons of stink bombs have been thrown over the town. In fact, the town is a stink bomb. Take for example the town dump. It has already corroded, giving way to thousands of tons of hazardous wastes like Bromine. The water coming out of the existing pipes is rainbow, and infiltrated with the smells of human waste. A gleaming fresh streak of blood leaked from an unknown source into the nearby roads filled with water. In fact the trail of blood was so new that its pale red can be compared to the redness in thousands of bottles of merlot combined together. Help, anyone. Help,” the feeble one mumbled, day after day. Yes, this was the cry of an 84-year-old woman, for help. Where has her own family gone? Does she even have 1
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any? After all those days of calling for help, it seems as if Clara’s voice dwindles greatly day after day after day. Until she can call for help no more.
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short story - An unprepared Death Near a lightless...

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