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Week 3 Day 7 - D Ro b u st i n i so n 10 Assignment...

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Unformatted text preview: D Ro b u st i n i so n 10 Assignment: Southeast Asia Asia ix hoen P ty of i ivers Un HIS/135 8, 20 u g u st A throu g World Unite gh the en War II a l apply d States d of the Cl the wa to the knowledpolicy m old Wa y Asia. foreign ge gaine akers trie r the U.S. Howeve policy pr d in Euro d to unsucforeign p r, this res oblems o pe trage cessful i olicies be ulting in f furth dy in Asi n Asia, o conti ering con an affairs ften caus expannued focuflicts as t . Therefoing led to sion of c sed on p he U.S. re longe the Viet ommuni reventing st and nam W sm. In t whiche costli a est of r being th h all tim e es. Durin I ntr o d ucti on Significant Events 1945-1950 •1495 Ho Chi Minh creates provisional government •1945 British forces in Saigon South Vietnam •1945 Vietnam declares independence •1946 Indochina war begins •1947 Marshall Plan announced •1949 Fall of China •1949 NATO formed •1950 Korean War begins •1950 U.S. gives 15 million in aid to French Significant Events 1950 -1955 Significant 1951 Ho Chi Ming starts a workers party 1953 Korean war ends 1954 Eisenhower proposed the “Domino Theory” 1954 France withdraws from Vietnam 1954 U.S. opposes elections 1954 1954 Ho Chi Minh returns 1955 Diem becomes president over South Vietnam Significant Events 1955-1960 Significant 1956 Eisenhower defeats Stevenson in election 1957 Eisenhower sends troops 1957 Soviets launch Sputnik 1957 Communist move into South Vietnam 1957 Terrorist bomb Rock Saigon 1958 Communist forces settle along Mekong Delta 1958 U.S. launches satellite 1959 Weapons move along the Ho Chi Minh Trail 1959 Diem orders crackdown against communists 1960 President Kennedy is elected Befo Ame re the Vie State ricans be tnam Wa worlds could g lieved the r many comm -wide ag rant freed United of the unism. Aainst the om other Vietnam lthough threat of sense wise exp War ex , the resu freed of the U osing the pressed lt aroun om could .S., by pr nonleadi d the glo not be d oving n that A g to the be. Ther efended techn merican acknowleefore every ology co money a dgemen t uld n thing n ot acc d . ompl ish Co n c lus io n s Natio on, J. (Ed .). (20 n of n narra a 0 tive o tions: A c 6). o repub f the Amer ncise lic (4 i New th ed., Vo can l Image York: McGra. 2). s from w - Hi ll. www The H .pbs.o istory rg Vietn Place am W ar. R (1999). T Au g u etriev st 8, 2 he ed www .histr 010 from oypla ce.co m David Refe r ence s ...
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