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Week 7 Day 4 - "Reaganomics" Reaganomics motivated...

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Running head: RONAL REAGAN 1 Ronal Reagan Dustin Robison University of Phoenix
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Regan shocked the world with his policies on economies. It changed the direction that the world was going and even the way the United States lived at the time. In 1980 Reagan wanted United States students to pray in public school. The Moral Majority of the conservative sent many letters trying to rid liberals out of Congress. "The Pope refused to liberalize the Catholic Church and refused birth control, and the acceptance of female priests. (Davidson, J. 2006)" At this time in the 1980's Reagan had three goals: wanted to cut taxes ensure tax revenue kept going up, reduce cost of labor while increasing unemployment rates, and to get is defense program going. The defense program was called "Star Wars" in which Reagan spent over a trillion dollars on this military defense program. Reagan's economic philosophy became known as
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Unformatted text preview: "Reaganomics". Reaganomics motivated the United States government on to bigger and bigger expenditures. Over all Reagan believed that for the economy to ge better it needed to be stimulated. To try and help the economy, taxes where cut on the everyday American. This would give people the reason and the ability to go out and spend more money. From this economic growth would happen and the United States would grow in wealth. But instead of American budget growing it went into the red. Many workers went on strike for different reasons. Reagan's Economic Recovery Act just pushed unemployment to an all time high at this point. So over all Reaganomics did not work out and the economy was in really bad shape when Reagan's term ended. References Davidson, J. (Ed.). (2006). Nation of nations: A concise narrative of the American republic (4th ed., Vol. 2). New York: McGraw-Hill....
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Week 7 Day 4 - "Reaganomics" Reaganomics motivated...

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