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I chose an article about the installation of a nitrous oxide system into a car. The article was very thorough. It went in detail the entire process of the installation. During the steps for the installation the authors of the article followed all copyright laws by not infringing on any company that sells nitrous oxide. The article was simply to discuss the installation of the system. The authors were very credible in the article. They did not take on liability in any way. They explain the process, and explain that if the steps are taken the installation will go very smoothly. If I was thinking as a lawyer, my main issue with the article was the fact that they did
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Unformatted text preview: not give enough warnings to the facts that installing a nitrous oxide system can be dangerous. If the installer does not follow the instructions exact there is the possibility of fatal injuries. Because of the dangers of dealing with a very flammable and possibly explosive material, I would recommend having more warnings to avoid any kind of legal action if something goes wrong. Overall I believe this was a very good and informative article, but could always be improved. Very few things in life cannot be improved upon....
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